Please review the Band Rules, and the Website and Social Media Release Policy below, and then complete the Website Registration. Once you have registered your account, please complete your application by adding your Personal Details in the secure Login area.

You can pick your own Username for logging in, which has to be unique within the Band. You are also required to enter an eMail address that is unique for each band member. This is required if you want to reset your password.

If you don’t have a unique eMail address that you can use, then please enter your name or initials at “” as follows – “”. If you do this you cannot reset your Password yourself, but you can ask a Band Officer to force in a new password for you.

NB – Under 18 applications will also need to get a Parent / Legal Guardian Consent form signed. If you are Under 18 then please Print this and give the signed approval to a Band Officer.

  • You can attend Band for free while you select your instrument section and Membership Plan

Reminder – Under 18 applicants also require a signed Parent / Legal Guardian Consent form before their application can be approved. This form can be accessed and Printed using the button below.